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Our Products

At Columbus Steel​ Supply, we stock and distribute a wide variety of steel products. We buy in volume and offer discount pricing for competitive quoting

Flat Rectangular Bar

Round Bar

Hollow Bar

Square Bar




Sheet & Plates

Tread Plate

Expanded Metal

Round Tube

Square Tube

Rectangular Tube



Our Services

We offer competitive pricing and superior service for over 60 years.


Our primary method to cut metal materials


 Precise, straight, clean cuts

Bending & Braking

We bend sheet and plate to different degrees


We produce economical holes in both strip and sheet metal during medium or high production processes


Used on sheet metal or thin barstock, sometimes on angle sections or tube.

on-time delivery

With a “customer first” approach we take pride in our products and on-time delivery.

The possibilities are limitless.

Steel is the world's most important engineering and construction material. It is used in every aspect of our lives.

With higher quality metals, agricultural machine manufacturers create more reliable, efficient machines that translate into better farming. Steel is found in a variety of farming equipment including:

  • Storage facilities like barns and silos
  • Harvesting equipment like tractors, cotton pickers, hay balers, etc.
  • Livestock management equipment like fencing, feeding pails, milk machines, etc.
  • General operation equipment like forklifts, watering systems, drains, etc.
  • Greenhouse

The possibilities for using steel in buildings and infrastructure are limitless. The most common applications are;

For buildings

  • Structural sections: these provide a strong, stiff frame for the building and make up 25% of the steel use in buildings.
  • Reinforcing bars: these add tensile strength and stiffness to concrete and make up 44% of steel use in buildings. Steel is used because it binds well to concrete, has a similar thermal expansion coefficient and is strong and relatively cost-effective. Reinforced concrete is also used to provide deep foundations and basements and is currently the world’s primary building material.
  • Sheet products: 31% is in sheet products such as roofing, purlins, internal walls, ceilings, cladding, and insulating panels for exterior walls.
  • Non-structural steel: steel is also found in many non-structural applications in buildings, such as heating and cooling equipment and interior ducting.
  • Internal fixtures and fittings such as rails, shelving and stairs are also made of steel. 

For infrastructure

  • Transport networks: steel is required for bridges, tunnels, rail track and in constructing buildings such as fueling stations, train stations, ports and airports. About 60% of steel use in this application is as rebar and the rest is sections, plates and rail track.
  • Utilities (fuel, water, power): over 50% of the steel used for this application is in underground pipelines to distribute water to and from housing, and to distribute gas. The rest is mainly rebar for power stations and pumping houses.

Steel provides strong, safe and sustainable transport solutions. It helps manufacturers reach the desired strength and safety levels for vehicles large and small.

Steel facilitates our mobility and the transport of goods. Whether in the form of bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses, trains, ships or planes – or in the transport networks that support them – steel is essential to every mode of transport.

Continuously reinforced concrete roadways are structurally supported by steel rebar and help to improve fuel efficiency for large vehicles.

Steel is well-suited to transport applications because it is durable, strong (providing safety in the case of collision), lightweight, UV-resistant, affordable, and 100% recyclable.

Tools and machinery cover a wide range of equipment from small workshop tools to large factory-based robotic machinery and rolling mills. In 2017, tools and machinery represented approximately 15 % of global steel use.

In construction, steel provides equipment such as cranes, drills, bulldozers, scaffolding and reusable and portable shelters used on construction sites.

In agriculture, from basic hoes, shovels and forks, to modern ploughs, irrigation systems and grain storage silos, steel is there every step of the way, making agriculture easier and more efficient. Agriculture without steel is unimaginable. From tilling the land and planting seeds to watering, harvesting, storing and transporting crops, steel is vital. Steel also facilitates the feeding, shelter and transportation of livestock. The machines and equipment that process what we eat and drink are also made with steel.

Steel, the material that works as hard as you do.


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